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Relapse Prevention Albany

Consistent, positive reinforcement through a well-planned relapse prevention program helps recovering alcoholics and addicts maintain their sobriety. Relapse prevention is vital to inspire change, create a new social environment and reduce exposure to temptations. A relapse prevention program that includes therapy, peer support and community service paves the way for long-term recovery. Drug Treatment Centers Albany offers the prevention programs necessary for success. Call us today at 518-626-8503 and get the support you deserve.

Keeping on Track

Its a major commitment to begin a life-long substance abuse recovery program. Relapse prevention is the most effective way to avoid returning to these mentally and physically destructive habits after a period of abstinence. Prevention programs offer no guarantees, but they do provide the best chance for long-term recovery as long as the addict remains aware and motivated. According to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, one of the primary reasons recovering addicts return to using is failure to maintain a program of recovery that leads to significant changes in lifestyle and behavior.

Prevention Techniques

Although any one of these relapse prevention techniques can help to build the foundation upon which long-term recovery succeeds, a combination of prevention options will lead to the greatest success. While the slogan one day at a time, is relevant to fighting off the urges, its only through a long-term relapse prevention program that real, deep-seated changes can take place.

Common relapse prevention options include:

ï       Aftercare through a treatment facility

ï       One-on-one therapy with a trained addictions counselor

ï       Regular 12-step meeting attendance

ï       Sober living environment

ï       Half-way or transitional housing

ï       Volunteering with suffering addicts

Accountability for Recovery

Alcoholics and addicts quickly make promises that they will never drink again. They often are sincerely regretful for harm their addiction has caused. They do not want to keep repeating the same mistakes, but most of the time the temptation to abuse drugs or alcohol is too strong. When compulsions and obsession take hold, they often are irresistible.

Professionals involved in prevention programs are trained to hold them accountable. Those involved in 12-step meetings have years of experience to recognize the early signs of relapse because theyve seen them over and over again. Peers and professionals alike can hold addicts responsible when they see common triggers, such as:

ï       Drastic behavior changes

ï       Missing meetings and appointments

ï       Isolation and refusal to talk to anyone

ï       Disrupted sleep patterns

ï       Spending too much time in former drug and drinking haunts

ï       Anger, depression, emotional outbursts

Treatment professionals long have recognized the importance of prevention plans for their clients. Many facilities offer extended treatment through outpatient resources following an inpatient stay. Others make referrals for ongoing individual, group, or family counseling sessions.

In Albany, like many other cities across the nation, recovering alcoholics and addicts return to the places where they received treatment to speak to newcomers and share a message of hope. One of the most important premises of 12-step recovery is that you have to share hope with others to sustain it. Those who include service to others in their relapse prevention strategies tend to be more successful than those who take what they can get and leave.

During treatment, many facilities introduce clients to the various 12-step recovery meetings in Albany so that clients know where to go when they leave treatment. They will most likely leave treatment with a new support group and sponsor to help them stay on the right path. Call Drug Treatment Centers Albany today at 518-626-8503 to get the knowledge and support necessary for long-term sobriety and overall well-being. 

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