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Medical Detox Albany


Withdrawal from the use and abuse of legal or illegal substances can not only be life-threatening, but it also causes an addict to experience an array of mental and physical challenges. For this reason, medical detox can be crucial to beginning a safe and successful recovery. Medical detox involves the professional oversight and monitoring of the drug or alcohol withdrawal process. Drug Treatment Centers Albany, unlike other facilities, offers medical detox on site. Highly skilled medical professionals safely administer drugs to help lessen the unpleasant symptoms associated with the potentially dangerous process. Detoxing at home is not recommended, especially for someone with a severe addiction. Contact us at 518-626-8503 and begin your recovery process today.


Some people wrongly assume that they can successfully undergo the withdrawal process without medical supervision. The fact is that taking this course is very dangerous. The withdrawal process can pose a variety of health risks, some which can prove to be very serious. Oftentimes when a person attempts to withdraw from drugs or alcohol outside the confines of a medical detoxification facility, relapse occurs. The problem is that a person trying to detox at home without professional assistance ends up taking the harmful substance. The individual concludes that the only way to find relief from the painful symptoms is through using the drug again.


The medical detox process begins with a patient evaluation. Through this evaluation, the specific needs of a patient are better identified. The evaluation process renders medical detox more effective and less prone to extreme side effects.


Types of Medical Detox


Medical detox is tailored to the specific type of drug at issue, in addition to the frequency of abuse. Different withdrawal side effects exist, depending on the underlying substance. For example, when withdrawing from alcohol, a person runs the risk of delirium tremens or DTs. DTs are unpleasant at best and life-threatening in severe cases. Therefore, particular medications are designed to address these life-threatening side-effects of withdrawal. Other types of drugs similarly have unique detoxification requirements. This includes substances like heroin, meth and cocaine. For example, people withdrawing from heroin are provided Methadone to slowly wean the addict off the drug and reduce cravings.


The Dangers of Detox without Treatment


With some regularity a drug addict or abuser will speak of “getting clean.” In some cases, when a person speaks of getting clean, he or she specifically is referring to entering into a detoxification program for a few days. In a number of cases, individuals will enter into a detoxification program and make no attempt to follow through with a suitable course of substance abuse treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. While a person may end up “clean” from the drug after completely the detoxification process, it is unlikely that they will not relapse in the immediate future. In order to truly enter into a state of recovery, a person must address the underlying issues associated with drug use, abuse and addiction. These issues simply are not addressed during the course of a medically supervised detox program.


Many experts in the addiction field suggest detoxing at a drug rehab center. By detoxing in a drug rehab center, a person can seamlessly transition from detox to treatment to aftercare. Drug Treatment Centers Albany offers this luxury. If you or a loved one is ready to make the long-term chances necessary to sustaining sobriety, call us today at 518-626-8503. Our caring staff is willing to assist you every step of the way.


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