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Alternative Addiction Treatment Programs Albany

While most people with substance abuse problems still choose traditional drug and alcohol treatment, there has been a growing interest in alternative addiction treatment. Alternative addiction treatment can be a particularly good choice for people who have been through rehab before and suffered a relapse, yet it can also be effective for the first-time drug treatment patient.


The term alternative addiction treatment covers a lot of territory, and it often means different things to different people. One person might think of alternative addiction treatment as similar to alternative medical treatment. Indeed, some of the best alternative treatments for drug addiction include acupuncture and chiropractic care. These medical treatments can be used on their own or in conjunction with more traditional drug rehab services such as drug detox. If you are interested in learning more about alternative treatment methods, call Drug Treatment Centers Albany at  (518) 626-8503.


What Types of Alternative Alcohol and Drug Treatments Are There?

There are a number of alternative drug rehab options available to an individual with a substance abuse problem. Some of these alternative addiction treatment centers have been around for many years and have treated thousands of patients effectively. Drug Treatment Centers Albany has helped many addicts overcome addiction by implementing these techniques.

Drug Treatment Centers Albany implies some of the best alternative drug treatment methods. Acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments are used to treat underlying health problems and deal with chronic pain. This is important because many substance abusers initially turn to drugs in an attempt to self-medicate for pain.


Other alternative treatment for drug addiction includes low-stress exercise like yoga. Taking yoga classes allows patients to focus on their bodies and their minds, which can be helpful for long-term healing. Sometimes biofeedback methods are used as well, either in conjunction with yoga and exercise or on its own. Biofeedback also helps the patient get in touch with themselves and identify the triggers that could lead to a relapse. No matter what the approach, they have proven quite effective with many substance abusers.


Are There Other Types of Alternative Drug Treatment?

Biofeedback and yoga are not the only alternative addiction treatments available. A variety of methods can be just as effective. Some rehab centers use dance therapy and behavioral treatments to get patients to open up and talk about their problems. Others use more exotic forms of alternative addiction treatment. One alternative drug treatment program even uses horses in its equine therapy program.


Why Do Some People Respond Better to Alternative Treatment?

Every substance abuser is different, and no two people respond the same to either traditional or alternative drug rehab. A traditional 12-step program might work wonders for one person, but not the next. The same is true with alternative treatment for drug addiction. Some methods will work well for one person but not another and our staff understands this.


In the present day, many people appear to respond better to alternative drug treatment than they do to more traditional rehab methods. An individual whose drug or alcohol use is tied to an underlying medical problem or psychological condition might respond well to behavioral therapy, biofeedback and similar methods. An individual who used drugs and alcohol to overcome shyness in social situations might benefit from group therapy and physiological counseling. In the end, the best alternative treatment for drug addiction is the one that gets to the real heart of the problem. Let us find the root of your problem so that we may help you overcome it. Call Drug Treatment Centers Albany today at  (518) 626-8503.

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