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Addiction After Care Albany

Addiction aftercare is incredibly important once released from treatment. If you have completed a recovery program, you might feel as if you are strong enough maintain long-term sobriety on your own. In reality, the world outside of treatment is full of temptation; these temptations trigger relapse more than one might realize. Addiction aftercare can help prevent relapses and ease an addict back into society. Addiction aftercare gives recovering addicts the resources, support and therapy to continue on their path of recovery without the direct assistance of an addiction counselor at your side. If you or your loved one is worried about returning to drugs and alcohol, call Drug Treatment Centers Albany today at 518-626-8503. Our addiction aftercare programs prepare addicts to avoid temptations and find new, healthier ways to spend their time. Do not let substance abuse dictate your happiness for one more day.

12 Step Programs

12 step programs are great for addiction aftercare because they can provide the constant reassurance that you are on the right track. There are programs available throughout the country, so addicts should never feel alone. Participants are asked to accept help from a sponsor; someone to support them through the stages of the program. With this relationship both addicts help each other usually by guiding each other on a spiritual journey.     

Support Groups

Similar to 12 step programs, finding a support group for your addiction can help you build a positive network in which to confide in about your specific experiences. It is beneficial to have people in which you can relate, so that you may help each other recover. These support groups are often led by a trained professional, but the relationships formed during them can be highly beneficial even when out of the controlled setting. The resources and experiences provided by others help many avoid slipping back into their old ways. 

The Importance of Aftercare Recovery

Of those that complete a recovery program, statistics show that more than half will return to drug or alcohol abuse at some point. While this might seem like a daunting statistic, understanding this risk better prepares addicts, therefore, lowering their chances of experiencing a setback. Including aftercare in your recovery process and checking in with therapists regularly (especially in the first couple years after release) will bolster your determination to stay clean, as well as improve coping strategies.

Program Support

Addiction aftercare programs can provide valuable resources to those that are in recovery. If there are triggers that one can identify in their life, these can be addressed, discussed, and worked through in order to prevent a setback. Just dealing with day to day life can be difficult for someone in recovery. Knowing that you have a program to fall back on when in need can give addicts peace of mind.

Secondary Support

Oftentimes there are a variety of factors behind addiction and relapse. Mental health issues might cause a chemical imbalance that leads people to self-medicate. Therapy and medical advice might be needed for long-term recovery. Your family may be asked to participate in aftercare therapy in order to help them understand their individual roles in the recovery process.

With the proper support from Drug Treatment Centers Albany’s addiction aftercare programs, the likelihood that an addict will maintain sobriety are much greater. Call 518-626-8503 today and learn your options. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff wants to see you break free from addiction just as much as you do.

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