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The Evolution of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment methods and attaining recovery has changed since the early models were first implemented. The original treatment programs required that the patient fit the treatment and therefore ultimately made it seem as though every individual was suffering from addiction for the same reason or that every addiction was similar. Today we know that the disease of addiction may be characterized similarly in individuals however everyone suffers from addiction for different reasons and treatment approaches are most effective when customized to the individual. Drug Treatment Centers Albany specifically follows the most modern treatment methods giving each patient a chance to find what method they respond best too. Call us today (518) 626-8503.

How modern addiction treatment works

  1. Sustained long term recovery efforts that cover all aspects of addiction in one facility yields the best results. Detox for physical dependence, therapy and counseling to treat the mental addiction, and relapse prevention.
  2. Relapse Prevention is one of the most important parts of recovery that has now been elaborated on. In the past detox and meetings were deemed appropriate but with high rates of relapse it was determined that patients need ongoing support and regime to remain abstinent through the difficult phases that follow treatment. Due to the fact that the brain still sends signals and creates urges for drug use up to years after use those in recovery should be aware of how to properly avoid and manage their addiction.
  3. Addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment
  4. Dual diagnosis or co-existing disorders such as mental illness and addiction are more common than previously known. Today addiction clinicians understand that patients need to be evaluated upon entering rehabilitation for any and all underlying mental illnesses. Often times a patient will relapse because a mental illness is fueling their drug use or in some cases drug use brings on a mental illness such as depression. Dual-Diagnosis treatment focuses on the addiction and the mental illness simultaneously so that one cannot diminish progress made on the other. If both are treated at the same time the patient can then manage them both and understand themselves better.
  5. Evolving alternative therapies are great methods of additional recovery tools. Some people just respond better to art or yoga and even animals when coming to terms with their addiction and the journey of recovery. In addition, these tools are great for relapse prevention and creating a positive change in lifestyle. Attending yoga classes or volunteering at a animal shelter can both increase positive energy but also create a sense of purpose in the patient.

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