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Albany Addiction Treatment

Albany addiction treatment centers provide several different programs, including ones for cocaine abuse. Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that derives from the coca plant, and it can be snorted, injected or taken orally. If someone who is abusing cocaine suddenly stops, they can experience withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal from cocaine can be dangerous and can be difficult for an individual to go through on their own. Cocaine withdrawal can make an individual feel physically ill, and the need to use cocaine or another drug to combat the physical pains and mental focus combined with cravings. If an individual can find a medically supervised detox center, the primary withdrawal symptoms should pass quickly, and the body will be physically weaned off of cocaine after about two weeks. At that point, other aspects of recovery can begin such as dealing with underlying issues or working towards sober living.

Albany drug detox programs can help you fight cocaine addiction. To learn more, dial (518) 626-8505 today.

Cocaine and Other Drug Combinations

Cocaine is often combined with other drugs because the invincibility that one can feel when on this can make other substances easier to take. Cocaine and alcohol are commonly combined, as alcohol can mask the effects of cocaine in a social or party environment. An individual might feel as if they can drink more and dont feel tired from drinking like they might normally do. This can bring on a heightened sense of high and combine these two substances for hours. This can physically taxing on ones body and lead to overdoses and emergency room visits.

Cocaine has a harsh comedown, and one may try to combat this with sedatives. This can alleviate withdrawal symptoms for awhile, but when sedatives wear off a cocaine user might be back where they started. If they continue a cycle of using cocaine and then coming down with sedatives, this can lead an individual to be addicted to two separate substances, and build up a dependency and tolerance to both.

Albany Treatment for Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine abusers can rapidly deteriorate both mentally and physically. Treatment is important because the lifestyle of and toll that cocaine has on the body cannot sustain itself in the long run. Cocaine users will try to hide their addiction from their families, but the signs and symptoms are easy to spot and family members can seek out an intervention to get their loved one into treatment.

Albany drug treatment centers provides cocaine abuse rehab for its patients. Don’t wait. Call today to take your life back.

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